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. that is the education i had, but i digress. >> we are talking about that. everything has slipped. need to bring we it into the process and get that included. say, that is will not what parenting is. when you bring them into the process of that kind of decision making. >> the test is when the parents are not there and the decision the kids are making when they are not there. tore is a movie about how prepare kids for money. warren buffett told a list out and said, these are the hundred richest families. i said, you ought to know how to teach kids about money. he said, these people make all the mistakes. he told me, you should talk to them, bring them in the process. 80% of kids get to college having never made a decision about money, and he said, you should let your kids make their own decisions. we give them an allowance. research says you should separate them into stores. i said, what if they make a mistake? he said, it is much better to drive into a ditch with the $6 allowance than a $6 million a year inheritance. that is the point. you have got to make your kid -- to let your kids make mistakes
are not students taught more of this in public education? >> well, first of all, it is controversial. ?avis: what is controversial if it is a fact of what happens, what are the facts controversial? >> there are a lot of people in denial, of the facts. -- in denial of the facts. there are an awful lot of people that despise government precisely because it opened the door for common citizenship, for people of all races and nature is in the united states, so it is still controversial, but it is beyond that, tavis. our country measures schools, by the way they teach math and the way they teach reading. not history. history is the key to citizenship, and because we do not teach this, we are in danger of having people coming of age that do not understand this, he and the civil-rights era -- this, and the civil-rights era is one to show how people use their citizenship to change the nation for the better. we lose a lot by not transmitting it, and we cannot blame the kids. they do not get this history through the umbilical cord. a lot of people were embarrassed by being racist, other is embarrassed by --
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2